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LEKIDDO Makes Special Appearance at the Festival!

We are very excited to confirm that Ghanaian singer LEKIDDO will be performing at the ICF. A charismatic singer, he was encouraged to take singing lessons by Stevie Wonder. He trained classically with ENO’s David Bowman and in West End style with Mark Maylan. He has appeared in TV and radio, and in theatre, commercials, audiobooks and films as actor and voiceover artist, performed with Tina Turner, Kid Creole & The Coconuts and George Michael. Glastonbury Festival describe him as "a Cult Classic" and he has performed there annually from 2009 including this year, 2022. LEKIDDO will be singing live to the Elephant Queen by composer Alex Heffes at the 'At The Movies' Concert on Saturday 21st May. Don't miss it!


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