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The first and only festival of its kind in the world with the mission to promote and showcase high-quality orchestral music that is tuneful, accessible, universally appealing and created by living composers attending the events.

The festival is held over three days, with six concerts
in Hastings and Bexhill offering an ideal opportunity to enjoy wonderful music, exchange ideas, make new friends and meet world-famous and up-and-coming composers. The festival concerts are perfect for everyone, from people new to classical music to serious music lovers. You can attend individual concerts or all of the events over the three days all in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Composers are invited to submit music that is accessible, and melodic. The best works are carefully chosen from those submitted and are performed by our large International Festival Orchestra, as well as several ensembles, numerous professional solo instrumentalists and singers.

One of the most exciting elements of our festival is our wide range of artists, from professional world-famous personalities through to talented local performers. We showcase and premiere works by both established and upcoming composers who create melodic orchestral  music 
characterised by passion and sensitivity


In 2018 we focused on encouraging younger audiences. We programmed a family concert with dance, encouraged young musicians to take part by being part of the Festival Orchestra, as soloists and by performing their compositions throughout the festival.  In addition, we  offered free tickets to all of our concerts for under 18s.  We believe passionately in the importance of bringing exciting, live, high-quality classical music to a wider audience.


We have an important and established link with Japan and composer Nobuya Monta, we performed his first ballet 'The Crane Wife' a specially commissioned work, based on a traditional Japanese fairy tale.  Mr Monta together with Choreographer Mayu Uesugi, 5 dancers and approximately 15 professional musicians travelled from Japan to be part of this truly International Festival.  


For performers and composers, the festival offers invaluable networking opportunities, especially with Japan, plus a great experience to have their works performed live, opportunities for new commissions, collaborations and further offers of performing themselves worldwide







by the Artistic Director Polo PIatti


"For many years now, a strong trend has developed towards the intellectualisation of music. While I recognise and appreciate the importance of progression in classical music it is equally important that music remains accessible to all. Music should be enjoyable, not only "interesting". By creating the Composers Festival in 2012,  I wanted to maximise that inclusiveness by showcasing and promoting the works of up-and-coming as well as of established composers that are committed to bringing back the concept of feeling into classical music. By doing this, I want to encourage new music that has a deep effect on human emotions, music that touches people’s hearts, that evokes and champions genuine beauty, goodness and truthfulness, at its core. I am not interested in showcasing "clever" and experimental classical music that seeks to make audiences "think". On the contrary, I want to help composers that create music that aspires to make audiences feel!"

Composer Polo Piatti