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Composer Of The Month

Chris Nicolaides

Among the many works, Chris Nicolaides composed in his long and prolific career is the love theme for the Russian film 'Three Seconds' ('Going Vertical'). His track 'Sail on a Sunset' from his album Revealing Beauty was used in this, the most successful, multi-award-winning 2017 Russian film of all time, one which took over $66,000,000 at the box office and uses his piece in one of the capital scenes of the film.

The film is based on the true story of Russia beating the USA at basketball in the ‘72 Munich Olympics. You really could not make up such an incredible story!! Here is the trailer for the movie:











In the scene (below) you can watch how nicely Chris' track works to picture. A perfect example of the successful and almost magical marriage between music and film:










Chris says: 'I have been passionate about music from a very young age, playing both classical piano and violin since I was seven years old. During my teens I spent hours at the piano working out how to play songs that I liked... whether they were Pop, Rock or R&B. Writing songs followed naturally, while at the same time I was discovering quality film music by masters such as John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith. This inspired me to learn to compose for film and television. In 1990, a top BBC producer/director, John B Hobbs, was impressed enough to give me a chance at scoring the series "Mulberry", starring Geraldine McEwan. The passion for scoring to picture grew stronger, and the journey continues...'

For more information about Chris Nicolaides please visit: www.chrisnicolaides.co.uk