Daniel W. Boothe has been appointed as the festival's new Principal Conductor

Due to having to reschedule the Festival to 2022 because of  COVID, sadly John Andrews will not be available as he has prior commitments. However, we are absolutely delighted to announce that we have been able to secure US conductor Daniel W. Boothe to be the new Principal Conductor of the festival in 2022. 

Maestro Boothe says: "I' am honoured to accept this invitation to serve as Principal Conductor for the International Composers Festival. What a joy it will be to work with the many diverse musicians, composers and artists from around the world to share music of such thoughtful universal beauty. I am grateful for this opportunity - for both - new music and new friendships".
Daniel W. Boothe


"It is a great honour to be Patron of this year's International Composers Festival. The artistic director of the Festival, Polo Piatti, has gathered together a wonderful and exciting programme of new music, written by living composers ready to share their melodies with an audience. It's also very pleasing that the Festival is showcasing so many female composers, and we have the opportunity of enjoying their work, many for the very first time, in concert, performed by hugely talented musicians. I'm thrilled that principal conductor John Andrews will be showcasing this new music, and I feel sure that the Festival will grow from strength to strength in future years. Happy music-making!"   Debbie Wiseman OBE

We are extremely proud to be able to say that the 4th International Composers Festival has been a resounding success.

Everyone involved in this event showed what can be done when music is allowed to stir powerful emotions and in doing so, bring people from around the globe together, sharing a very intense and beautiful occasion that most of us will remember and treasure for the rest of our lives.


We feel humbled by the amount of work, dedication, enthusiasm and time everyone put into this Festival, especially our conductor John Andrews, the musicians, some who travelled from across the globe to be with us, the dancers both from Japan and locally who put so much work into their performances, the composers for their beautiful works and coming especially to be with us and to all of those who contributed in many different ways to bring this all together.


We especially thank everyone who attended these six concerts, with full houses at most concerts, creating a very special magical atmosphere. We will never be able to thank you enough for helping to make the festival such an outstanding triumph.

It was truly sensational.


Polo Piatti, Sandra Goodsell and the ICF Team

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