• The International Composer’s Festival (ICF) is open to professional, semi-professional and amateur composers of any gender, age and nationality.

  • Works can be submitted from 1st September 2017 until the deadline on 31st May 2018


  • Composers are invited to submit original compositions of between 3 and 7 minutes duration, scored for solo instrument, duos, trios, etc., voice, chamber ensemble, string orchestra, mixed choir or full symphonic orchestra.

  • Composers can submit up to a maximum of 5 works in total

  • A  one-off administration fee of £20 is payable to submit up to a maximum of 5 works

  • All submitted works should be of originally created music. No arrangements, copies or variations from works created by other composers will be considered

  • Should your work be chosen to be performed at one of our concerts we would require a conductor score as well as orchestral parts. Alternatively we can provide these ourselves for a further fee of £45

  • Funds raised will go towards the extensive running costs of the festival, including venue hire, musicians fees and advertising. 

  • The International Composers Festival is a non profit making organisation

  • Students can submit up to 5 works absolutely free of charge (proof of student status maybe required)

  • In some exceptional cases and where works require specific soloists, composers will be asked to contribute towards their fees​

  • Every composer can submit a maximum of 5 works, all of which must be original and not infringe any copyright laws or the rights of any third party.

  • Composers must provide the ICF with the work's Full Scores in the form of PDF file. At the same time, a basic audio of the work(s) must be provided - in MP3 format or similar.

  • All works should only be submitted via email to the following email address: No physical copies of your works will be returned unless you include a self-addressed and sufficiently stamped envelope with your initial entry.​

  • All entrants retain the right of ownership to any submitted composition and such rights will not be transferred to the festival.

  • Composers submitting compositions will not hold the ICF liable for any claims in respect of possible copyrights infringements. Entrants will release the ICF directors, it staff, officials, sponsors and supporters from any liability, damages, or claim for loss or injury to any persons or property in direct or indirect connection with the entry, rehearsals and concerts related to and during the ICF itself.

  • Applying to participate as a composer at the ICF incurs a single administration charge of £20 (free of charge in the case of students) for up to a maximum of five works. Payments can be made using the official website appropriate page and link. All major credit cards and PayPal payments are accepted. This administration fee is non refundable whether the work has been accepted for performance during the ICF or not. Alternatively, you can send a check payable to Composers Festival, included with your submission and send it to: Sandra Goodsell c/o International Composer’s Festival, Watermill Barn, Watermill Lane, Pett, East Sussex TN35 4HY, United Kingdom. 

  • The festival Artistic Director and occasionally, a panel including the Festival's Principal Conductor, will examine all entries and decide which works will be included in the ICF concerts.

  • The Artistic Director’s decision with regards to all submissions is final. Neither the directors nor any members of the festival’s staff and contributors will enter into any discussion or correspondence with any entrant with regards to any of the ICF’s decisions.

  • The festival will be responsible for providing all selected composers and musicians performing at the festival with an appropriate venue to showcase their selected works. Although in most cases professional orchestras/musicians will be provided to perform these works during the festival, in a few cases, some composers will be encouraged to provide their own musicians/ensembles to perform their selected work(s).

  • In the case that a composition has be accepted to be performed by an ensemble provided by his or her composer, they must ensure to have rehearsed the selected work before arrival at the festival. Additionally, the ICF will provide the composer with the opportunity to rehearse the work at last once before its public performance.

  • When appropriate and/or possible, the ICF will endeavour to take care of lodging arrangements for composers and/or musicians with local families and friends of the ICF for the duration of the festival. The ICF will also aim to help participating composers and musicians with all needs regarding local transport within Hastings and the local area during the festival.

  • The ICF will endeavour to provide maximum exposure via all types of media, including radio and tv broadcating, the written press and social media.

  • Please make sure not to send any originals as the ICF and its Directors cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to your compositions.

  • In some cases, a work can be accepted but not for the current festival year. In such cases the Artistic Director will contact the composer directly and suggest the inclusion of that work in a subsequent festival. In such cases, no additional administration fee will be requested.

  • Once a composition has been accepted for performance at the festival, the ICF will need to receive all relevant copies of the works, full scores and parts in PDF format (to the above mentioned email address) as well as a possible requirements for its performance at least 60 days before the start of the festival.

  • If your work is accepted for performance at the ICF, we will notify you in writing and inform you when and in what venue to your work will be publicly performed during the festival.

  • Please feel free to contact us at any time with any enquiries you might have. We are here to help you.

  • Finally, please make sure that you have paid the £20 administration fee before submitting your works and that you send no more than 5 compositions. Thank you.

        We look forward to receiving your works!


Postal Address:

Sandra Goodsell

International Composers Festival

Watermill Barn, Watermill Lane

Pett, East Sussex TN35 4HY

United Kingdom


Telephone:  07841 448 879

[Please send your files/audios to:]